Experience what it’s like to be a Firefighter

Team up with local firefighters to practice techniques used in firefighting and rescue operations.

Examples of things we will do:

  • Wear fire safety gear, including mask and SCBA
  • Rescue tool on vehicle
  • Live fire extinguisher exercise
  • Forceable door entry
  • Fire hose operations
  • Experience aerial apparatus

Participating local fire services include

  • Franklin Park VFC
  • Highland VFD
  • Ingomar VFC
  • Marshall Township VFD
  • Ohio Township VFC
  • Wexford VFC

To register for Firefighter for a day, please fill out the contact form. A representative will reach out to you for additional details.

Fill out the form below to learn more about joining your local fire company to serve your community.

You are encouraged to pre-register for this event spaces will be limited.

Firefighter for a Day Contact Form
If you are ages 14-17, I will have a parent or guardian with me.

Please include the following information.

Although every effort will be taken to assure safety, I undertand there are some risks involved with fire training.
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